Radical Accessibility:
How tech in a post-COVID 2020 can include everyone

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Thursday, 9th July at 09:15 - 15:00 BST

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09.15 - 09:30
Welcome to the day!

Grab your coffees, pull up a chair and join Reason Digital Founder, Matt Haworth to kick the day off with some insight to the flow of the day, the conversations we'll be having and the takeaways we all hope to leave with.

09.30 - 10.00  
Inclusivity in 2020 and a COVID landscape

Matt Haworth, Founder, Reason Digital

In every sense of the word, there's never been a more urgent need for charities to be accessible. Whilst it's incredibly important that your website be accessible to those with visual impairment, accessibility is so much broader than this. Matt will spotlight examples of organisations that are using accessibility to make services truly inclusive, and he'll also prompt us to think about emerging, urgent access needs as a result of the COVID pandemic. 

10.00 - 10:30 
Lightning talks round 1 

Gavin Neate, CEO of Neatebox, Liz Power, Occupational Therapist at Special Effect and Ivan Phelan of Sheffield Hallam University

Feel inspired in seven minutes! Our lightning talks will be delivered by a group of leaders who have dedicated their lives and careers to creating a more inclusive and accessible world. From VR prosthetics to inclusive gaming, we’ve got two rounds of fascinating talks throughout the day during which you’ll hear bitesize stories of positive change that has been generated as a result of digital and drive. These sessions will challenge you to think about how you can use technology and communication to include more people in your service delivery and workplace, with an opportunity to pick our speakers’ brains with a speedy Q&A. Ready, set, go!

10.30 - 10.55
Inclusive design for charity leaders

Hector Minto, Senior Technology Evangelist for Accessibility at Microsoft

We take a deep dive into how inclusive design could be utilised more by charity leaders.

10.55 - 11.05 
Digital accessibility bingo

Charity Digital Marketing Team

Too early for bingo you say? Grab a coffee and join Charity Digital for a quick round of digital accessibility bingo and see just how accessible your organisation is.

11.05 - 11.35
Lightning talks round 2 

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, Director of Inclusive Recruiting, Mark Applin, Founder of Signly and Emma Lawton, Creative Director and Co-Founder of More Human

Round 2 of our lightning talks, featuring bite-sized pieces of positive change that have been generated as a result of digital and drive. These sessions will challenge you to think about how you can use technology and communication to include more people in your service delivery and workplace, with an opportunity to pick our speakers’ brains with a speedy Q&A. Ready, set, go! 

11.35 - 12.15
Panel discussion: Culture, employability and inclusivity

Host: Krissie Barrick, Head of Digital Influencing at Scope.
Panelists: Vimla Appadoo of Honey Badger, Kamran Mallick of DRUK and Elisabeth Ward of Scope

If you create an inclusive culture and use inclusive tech it can drive social change. How did the move to online working and service provision effect inclusivity in your organisation? We have seen businesses embrace working practices and new digital tools they previously deemed as ‘not possible’ or ‘not yet’. Alternatively, did the move to home working and service provision exclude anyone? We will be discussing the pros and cons of working in COVID-19 and how we can take lessons from this to inform a more inclusive re-emergence.

12.15 - 12.30
Pre-workshop briefing

Matt Haworth, Founder, Reason Digital

Matt will summarise our conversations from throughout the day before we head into breakout rooms and put plans into action. We will also allow some time here to grab a quick lunch so you don't miss anything important! 

12.30 - 14.30
Ideation workshops

Time to get hands-on (virtually!). The Reason Digital team will be leading an ideation workshop, helping you draw upon thoughts that you didn’t know were there. We’ll use fun, interactive design sprint exercises to question who is currently absent from your service delivery? How could digital help your services be more inclusive? And how can your charity support people with temporary, situational or permanent disabilities?

As the COVID-19 landscape has challenged the way charities fulfill their social purpose, we encourage senior charity leaders to maintain digital momentum, whilst making sure their internal culture, volunteer management and beneficiary engagement is as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

We’ll share insights into brand new research on how the public have been engaging with charity campaigns and services during COVID. Are services accessible by more people than ever before? Or are some still being left out due to non-inclusive practices?

We have come together with Microsoft and Reason Digital to bring senior charity leaders together for a free virtual event, to consider how we can learn from the historical events of 2020, as well as the accessibility implications of the rapid digital transformation that is currently taking place.

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Panel host: Krissie Barrick, Head of Digital Influencing at Scope

Krissie has a background in service design and is a strong advocate in the sector for collaboration and being customer-centred. In her previous role at Breast Cancer Care she led on the creation of the award-winning app "BECCA" which supports women after breast cancer treatment. She’s now running Scope's Big Hack, a programme which seeks to make the digital world more inclusive. Collaboratively driven and with the experience of disabled customers at its core, The Big Hack shares knowledge on inclusive design and accessibility, and campaigns around inequalities in the digital world.

Photo of Matt Haworth

Matt Haworth, Founder of Reason Digital

A champion of tech for good - Matt is one of the UK’s leading experts on changing lives with digital. Founder of social enterprise, Reason Digital and author of the 'Digital Fundraising Book', Matt has grown a team of 50 who, for more than a decade, have been delivering digital innovation for national and international charities such as Age UK, WellChild, the Trussell Trust and BBC Children in Need as well as philanthropists and CSR leaders.

Gavin Neate, CEO of Neatebox

Gavin Neate had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur or running a business. Indeed he would have been happy spending the rest of his working life in his dream job as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.  In 2006 however he was becoming increasingly aware of the role that technology would have in his clients  lives and he began visualising how society might use these new technologies to improve the lives of not just visually impaired people but all disabled people world wide. Gavin believes in a world where technology is a bridge to human interaction rather than a barrier and strives every day to help others to see that diversity through inclusion can bring societal rewards to us all.

Liz Power, Occupational Therapist at Special Effect

Liz Power is U.S. born, where she resided in New England, completing her undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, then moving to the UK to pursue a master’s certification in Occupational Therapy at Oxford Brookes University. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist at the UK charity SpecialEffect in Oxfordshire since 2017, where her role is specialized in supporting access to technology for creativity and leisure.

Ivan Phelan at Sheffield Hallam University

Ivan works as a Research Fellow in Sheffield Hallam’s Research Institute (C3RI) where his research focus is on how Virtual Reality can be used in Healthcare.
Ivan's primary area of expertise is with the Unreal game engine which is a great tool to create high-quality game content.

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, Founder and CEO of Inclusive Recruiting 

Vanessa is an HR and employment law expert and a Fellow of the CIPD. Through her two organisations she delivers Recruitment, Training, and HR services to small and medium-sized organisations with a particular focus and specialism of diversity and inclusion. She is the founder and CEO of Inclusive Recruiting, a Recruitment agency, and Training organisation. Inclusive Recruiting specialise in the hiring of diverse talent and delivers innovative training workshop programs to progressive organisations serious about embedding inclusion and belonging.

Mark Applin, Founder of Signly 

Mark conceptualised and co-launched Signly, an assistive sign language app which delivers smart British Sign Language (BSL) directly to the user’s mobile device providing Deaf people with equal access to information, advice and services. In December 2019, Lloyds Bank became the first UK organisation to offer British Sign Language ( BSL) website translation for Deaf customers through Signly browser extension. The new service will provide access to essential financial information to break down some of the barriers faced by Deaf customers. BSL is the first language for many Deaf people with its own grammar and syntax which means that written material is often not accessible.

Lightning Talk Speakers

Host for the day

Panel Speakers

Vimla Appadoo of Honey Badger

Vimla is the Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer at Honey Badger, alongside a role as Head of Experience at Culture-Shift. Over and above everything, Vimla is passionate about embedding fearless change across organisations, to design safe workplaces where everyone can thrive. Vimla is a design thinker, international speaker and advocate for changing the way businesses think: using technology, design and culture to align profit and purpose. Vimla works across large scale organisations, small businesses and scaling startups, bridging the gap between the public and private sector. She founded Experience Matters, a design-thinking consultancy with clients including the NHS, Northern Collective: Women in Public Space, and SheSaysMCR. 

Kamran Mallick, Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK

Kamran has worked in the voluntary sector for over 23 years and for 15 years running user-led organisations. Since 2017 he has been CEO of Disability Rights UK. He has served on various boards of 3rd sector organisations and was also a member of Transport for London’s Independent Disability Advisory Group for 3 years. Kamran contracted polio as a child and is a wheelchair user. His experiences at both special and mainstream schools showed him that inclusive education for all children is essential. He is driven to make sure younger disabled people have better opportunities than he did. At Action on Disability, he transformed its youth service to mainstream settings and supporting inclusive activities. He built up a programme of supported internships for young people with learning difficulties, ensuring that they had real opportunities to work.

Elisabeth Ward, Content Designer at Scope

Elisabeth is a content designer for Scope. She writes user-focused advice and support content for disabled people. She is an expert in accessibility and inclusive design. She leads content accessibility training for Scope and does talks about the importance of making products, services, internal processes and hiring practices inclusive and accessible. Elisabeth wants to show that hiring disabled people is an asset to businesses and helps challenge old ways of working to become more inclusive of all people. She aims to make people more aware of disability, accessibility and inclusive design at every level, not just senior management. Through her work she wants to inspire change to working practices and culture.


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Emma Lawton, Co-Founder of More Human 

More Human is a tech start-up targeting social isolation and loneliness by supporting community leaders to better engage their members and have greater reach. Emma is also a Digital Strategist at Parkinson’s UK where she heads up the charity’s work testing and validating devices and apps for people with the condition. Emma, herself, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 29 and it’s taken her on quite a journey. In 2018 Emma was featured on BBC2’s The Big Life Fix where Microsoft’s Haiyan Zhang designed and made a bespoke watch to counteract her hand tremors and help her draw again. Emma saw for herself through this experience the power of technology as a vital part of the toolkit of those living with physical challenges.

Microsoft Speaker

Hector Minto, Microsoft

Hector Minto has worked at the cutting edge of Assistive Technology (AT) for 23 years specializing in Alternative Communication (AAC), Home Automation (EC)  and computer access for people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. 

Hector joined Microsoft in 2016 as the leading voice on Accessibility in Europe, reporting to our Chief Accessibility Officer.  He is responsible for a network of Microsoft employees and partners committed to driving disability inclusion and digital accessibility at scale, across all industries.  Hector has worked on a number of government committees and groups and currently sits in the Business Leaders Group for Disability Confident.