CRM for Good: Insights and Trends from our CRM Report

About the Webinar:

Even the smallest charity can be at the center of a surprisingly complex web of relationships, from donors and funders to service users and volunteers. 

So why doesn't every charity use a CRM? 

We decided that it was worth taking a deeper dive into the sector’s use of CRM systems, to build a more complete picture of just how charities are making use of this technology and identify the barriers to entry for CRM adoption. So, we surveyed 285 charities small and large, and published the CRM: weighing the costs and benefits for charities e-book with the results. 

This webinar brings together nonprofit experts from Salesforce and their partners, Economic Change and Pracedo, to discuss those findings and share valuable insights skills and knowledge to help you prove the ROI of CRM.

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • The changing landscape of CRM for nonprofits in the UK 
  • The importance of change management when implementing a CRM system 
  • Some common challenges and how to overcome them 
  • How to get the most value from your CRM investment 

We will be hosting a Q&A session at the end of this webinar giving you a chance to ask the speakers directly.



Want to know more?

1pm GMT, Thursday 26th March is the dedicated social impact team of Salesforce that delivers technology to nonprofits, educational institutions, and philanthropic organisations so they can connect with others and do more good. As the heart of Salesforce, they are committed to helping our customers improve the state of the world. 

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About the speakers 

Heather Black Founder of Economic Change CIC, Heather has supported the growth of charities and social enterprises since 2000 as an established Salesforce consultant, coach, and trainer. Heather is an expert in business analysis, change management, Salesforce CRM and impact measurement and with her team has worked with and supported over 200 non-profit organisations to implement Salesforce change the way they work for the better.

Penny Townsend is a Salesforce veteran with over ten years of experience within the ecosystem. She brings a wealth of experience working within financial services, sales and Salesforce across companies such as Conga, BSI and The Carbon Trust. Penny is currently Chief Operations Officer at Pracedo, a Platinum status Salesforce consultancy, where she focuses on the performance of projects and leading the team by prioritising diversity, innovation and teamwork. Privacy Policy 

Susan Mahon is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at, the social impact centre at Salesforce. Susan has been working in this role for over three years and plays a key role in the EMEA marketing function. She is passionate about how nonprofits can use technology to do more good and works with customers to share their inspiring stories of success.

This webinar has now ended. 

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