5th March 2020   |  Olympia Conference Centre 

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"What can we do with our data?" 
- most charities, 2019

Data is arguably the scariest four-letter word in the charity sector. But like digital transformation, if embraced, structured and built into a charities digitally strategy, it can transform how a charity delivers its services, highlight organisational and operational inefficiencies, and elevate an organisation's donor marketing. 

Charities often collect large amounts of data by the very nature of the work they do. But are we using it to its fullest potential or even at all? 

Giselle Cory from Datakind UK's session will share data approaches possible to charities, data best practices, and a data checklist that charities can use to build a data-driven culture and kickstart the journey to data maturity.

About  Giselle Cory

Giselle is the Executive Director of DataKind UK - a charity that helps the social sector to increase its impact through the use of data science. Previously, Giselle worked for Central Government, national charities and think tanks, using data to better inform public policy decisions. She believes that smart, responsible data collection and use can help the social sector tackle some of the UK's biggest challenges.

About  DataKind UK

DataKind UK launched in April 2013 as DataKind's first Chapter. It is an independently-run charity that upholds DataKind's vision of using data in the service of humanity. 

DataKind UK supports charities and social enterprises large and small across a variety of issue areas. We run DataDive weekends in London and further afield focused on exploratory analysis and prototyping; and we undertake ambitious DataCorps projects with nonprofits to deliver cutting-edge data science solutions. If you work for a UK-based nonprofit and have a data science project you want help with please submit your project here. If your nonprofit needs advice on working with data then sign up to attend our monthly office hours.

If you have data science or project management skills and would like to volunteer, then we’d love to hear from you - tell us about yourself