5th March 2020   |  Olympia Conference Centre 

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The digital tech conference for 
charities at all stages of digital maturity. 
It's not about digital transformation, but how to #BeMoreDigital.

How AI is improving service delivery for small charities 
An amazing case study of how 3 charities -Superhighways, DataKind and The Welcome Centre worked together to implement an AI model to visitor data to work smarter and deliver more impact for their beneficiaries. Learn more.

Creating a digital culture - a guide to securing stakeholder buy-in
Being more digital is not only about technology, but it's also about people. Learn how to take your employees, donors and beneficiaries on the journey with you. Learn more.

Living with GDPR: How to be successful 2 years on
2 years after GDPR was introduced we take a look at some of the initial pain points and how charities are remaining successful in the new environment.
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Embedding cybersecurity in strategic decision making
Join the National Cyber Security Centre for some top tips to keep the digital safety of your charity front-of-mind when considering digital tech.
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Tackling inclusion - LIVE
We take our tackling inclusion podcast on the road for an interactive conversation about how the charity sector needs to take responsibility for the bias embedded in its recruitment, how organisations can be better prepared and what can be done to make fundamental change throughout the sector. Learn more.

"What can we do with our data?" 
- most charities, 2019
Charities often collect large amounts of data by the very nature of the work they do. But are we using it to its fullest potential or even at all? Datakind UK will lead a conversation on the data approaches available to charities, data best practicies and a data checklist that charities can use to build a data-driven culture and kickstart the journey to data maturity. 
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How to make digital advertising more relevant
In a digital advertising world dominated with cat videos, how do you break through the attention wall? WWF UK's Senior Onlne Acquisition Manager, Joe Trigg will share successes and failures of navigating a saturated ad market and the strategies they use to piggyback trends and drive donations. Learn more.

Everything you need to know about creating killer content 
Discuss the importance role of content in providing unique customer experiences, engaging brands and stand-out campaigns with our panel of content experts. Learn More.

Democratising Data: how to make better use of data for everyone
Victoria Pike from Mencap shares some insights and case studies of how making data reliable and readily available can drive organisational output and impact.
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Closing Panel: Putting #BeMoreDigital into action
Shout, Home-Start and The Children's Society come together to discuss how they are able to grow with digital, sharing thoughts on the future and asking what your charity's #BeMoreDigital pledge is.  
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Opening Plenary: Why #BeMoreDigital
In 2019 charities were given the yellow card for their lack of digital adoption. And as 2020 scopes to be the biggest year for digital yet, Chairs Zoe Amar and Jonathan Chevallier set the scene for what it means to #BeMoreDigital and why it's crucial. We'll also introduce you to 3 charities who transformed their organisation through digitising their service delivery, operations and fundraising.
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This year's sessions

How digital storytelling and authenticity can drive growth
Ellie Scouler, UK Experience Lead from charity: water will be sharing examples of past charity: water campaigns and storytelling to illustrate how utilising digital platforms can help to expand your community and how using in-real-life moments to add authenticity keeps donors engaged and supporting. 
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Analog to agile: YoungMinds' digital approach to service delivery
Young people's mental health charity YoungMinds and digital agency Maido share their human-centered approach to digital service delivery projects. Learn more.

Working with influencers
Partnerships make the world go round. And in a new world of influencers and creators, charity marketing teams can tap into pools of wide-reaching creatives that (if well-strategized) can add authenticity, credibility, and campaigners to a charity's cause.  Learn more.

The donor brain: 
Using psychology to drive your digital fundraising.                             At the intersection between behavioural science and marketing exists a space in which marketers can use techniques designed to stimulate the conscious and non-conscious mind to amplify altruistic behaviours. Daniel Tremayne-Pitter delivers a session fuelled by his experience of applying behavioural science to maximise engagement and revenue. Learn more.

Putting digital at the heart of your brand
In the age of digitalisation and the internet, organisations need to be doing more to stand out above the noise to achieve influence and brand originality. This panel discussion brings 4 charity professionals together to argue why digital is integral to both your brand and org-wide digital strategy. 
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5 steps to better impact reporting 
Measuring social impact is vital to transparency in the sector and to securing funding from trusts, government and the public alike. Effective evaluation helps charities to assess their strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint areas to improve. This session will share a 5 step process that will help charities leverage the data they collect into engaging stories, powerful reporting tools and ambitious goal setting. Learn more.

Is your charity meeting digital accessibility standards?
Charities are legally responsible for meeting accessibility standards online. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 were updated in 2018 but still many organisations are struggling to meet the criteria. Including a live website audit, charity consultant Bertie Bosredon and Manuelle Beuque of Humanity & Inclusion will explore exactly the requirements organisations need to meet to provide a digital experience that is truly available to everyone. 
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How Microsoft technology can drive your charity to #BeMoreDigital
m-hance charity expert Tory Cassie will showcase how the Microsoft technology suite works collaboratively and harmoniously together to help charitable organisations achieve their goals. 
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Should all strategy be digital or is digital part of your strategy?
Join three digital strategy experts from the charity sector for a discussion on how strategy can make digital transformation a reality, the role of culture and leadership and steps to take towards a be more digital strategy. Learn more.

How to become a more digitally diverse organisation
UK children's charity Barnardos share their story behind digitising their case management system and how they brought an organisation together to achieve this. Learn more.

10 ways technology is transforming service delivery
Digital service delivery experts CAST shed light on some of the top digital and technological advancements that are having the biggest impact on service delivery. Learn more.

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