5th March 2020   |  Olympia Conference Centre 

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How AI is improving service delivery for small charities

An amazing case study of how DataKind and The Welcome Centre worked together to implement AI tech to visitor data to work smarter and deliver more impact for their beneficiaries.

Thanks to the partnership, The Welcome Centre has been able to design an early intervention programme that recognises the signs of dependency and lets them step in with the most appropriate advice, guidance and support before things spiral.

In this session hear  Welcome Centre Trustee Dr Andrew Tomlinson explain how innovative analytics and machine learning has helped them get a clear picture on their user’s needs and given them the confidence to go forward on their own.

Dr. Andrew Tomlinson – Treasurer and Trustee, The Welcome Centre Huddersfield

Dr. Andrew Tomlinson has been involved with The Welcome Centre since 2012, acting as treasurer and a trustee for 6 years. During this time, and due to my professional background in Software Engineering, he was able to help develop a client information system which has become an integral part of our operational processes. He works at Leeds University, where he is the facilities manager for the University’s driving simulator and a teacher of transportation-related topics.

About  The Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre is a large independent foodbank based in  Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We provide practical help for people experiencing crisis in their lives in the form of food packs, toiletries and household starter packs. 

They also run an Advocacy, Guidance and Support service to help some of our clients address any underlying issues behind their immediate crisis. Demand has grown significantly since the social care reforms of 2013, and last year (2018-2019) we gave out 14,159 crisis packs. We run two sites and have a paid staff of 6 employees supported by over 100 volunteers.